The Harsh Fall

So instead of Cindy writing this post Max is.  I am writing this to inform all of the readers that we have had a very sad week.  This week, since Thanksgiving was coming we decided to go to Michigan were my mom grew up and have Thanksgiving there.  But the day before we left my mom tried to put the ducks away and they wouldnt go in the enclosure. So my mom tried four times and they still wouldn’t go in. When my mom went out the fifth time one of the ducks was on the deck standing alone. She was alive but they never did that. My mom went inside, got a flashlight and looked around. She found another duck running across the backyard torwards her.  Then she found two ducks dead five feet away from each other. My mom ran inside and called my dad. We think that it was a weasel that killed the ducks. They both picked up a shovel and carried both of the ducks and burried them.

After that we went to Michigan and gave the duck sitter strict instructions not to let the ducks out. They duck sitters did there job and did not let them out of the enlosure.  On Sunday, my mom let them out of the enclosure because they really wanted to stretch their wings. Then Sunday, I came home from a sleepover and was going to put the ducks in there enclosure and I heard quacking and thought they would be fine but I turned my head and there was a hawk eating Khakadi. I screamed and ran in the house and told my parents. They ran outside with me, Tommy, Sylvia. I ran over to my neighbor’s house and told them what had happened. Our neighbor Bob came over with his two metal rakes, and we eventually scared the hawk up into a tree. We grabbed Diamond and ran to the enclosure. Once she was safe inside we called my mom’s friend Sharon. My mom asked her if Diamond could stay with her and her animals for the the winter.  We took her over that night and all in all Diamond seemed pretty happy with her new friends.

We are very sad that we lost three ducks we loved, but we’re happy Diamond won’t spend the winter alone. She has three ducks and seven chickens to keep her company, and a pond to swim in. She seemed very happy after her hard week.


22 thoughts on “The Harsh Fall

  1. Oh, Cindy. I sit here with my mouth agape, shocked and so very sad! I know how much you loved your girls, and I have loved following along with your adventure.

    Max, thank you for sharing the news so we could all send our condolences and our hopes that Diamond adjusts quickly to her new home.

    Thinking about you guys!

    • Thanks so much, Stephanie. We’re still in shock. We’re trying to look at this as a learning experience, so that we can adjust things we didn’t do right — and also accept that this is one of the risks of a little backyard farm. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts.

  2. I cannot tell you how sad this makes me! Your lovely pets gone… Val and I have been outraged for 3 or 4 weeks because a hawk has been swooping in to the birds at our feeders SO FAST that you hardly see him strike and run. We love sitting in our rocker at the picture window watching them eat. We put out lots of seed, so in essence we are building death traps for them. It’s like a McDonald’s for the hawk–he doesn’t have to go out hunting–he just stops by our place for his daily snacks. Call it “nature” or “food chain” or whatever but I HATE it. I’m really sorry for you.

    • Thanks, Judy. We saw so many hawks in the spring, and would keep the ducklings covered if they were outside. I hadn’t seen any in a while. And the ducks had only been out about a short while in five days, whereas they were out all day every day up to that point. It makes me so sick. In retrospect, I think they need to stay in their enclosure after the leaves fall because they have so much less coverage. It was just so sad, and so sad that Max had to discover it when he thought he was just walking them into their enclosure at noon. Thanks for the nice thoughts.

  3. Nice piece of writing about something very tragic. I am so sorry for the violent loss of your feathered friends! It’s difficult to understand sometimes, but the natural world will always have its way. What a great adventure you have all had! I encourage you to consider keeping (confined) hens or something similar.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this news, Cindy. I know from your posts how much your family loved these feathered siblings/kids. Prayers and thoughts to all of you. Thanks, Max, for sharing what must be a difficult story to tell.

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