Super-Quick Reuseable Snack Bags

I love the idea of carrying pretzels and popcorn in non-plastic, reuseable snack bags, and probably have a dozen patterns for them pinned on my Pinterest boards. But spending an hour sewing a snack bag with lining and velcro sort of stopped me in my tracks: In an hour, I could sew half a skirt, and my sewing time is very limited these days. As a result, we keep taking snacks in plastic bags to the pool and on car trips.

Then I found this super-smart, super-quick video tutorial on Angry Chicken. Brilliant. This just uses scrap fabric and closes like those little pre-Ziploc sandwich bags everyone used in the 70s; this bagĀ folds over on itself to keep your snacks from falling out. For those of us without a serger, they take maybe five minutes, tops, to make. With a serger, it might be even quicker. I whipped up about nine in 40 minutes the other day.

Pool, here we come.


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