Fast Recipe: Homemade Hash Browns

Phil made these for himself a week ago, and after he gave Max a taste, and then had to make Max his own, Max has been begging for them every day. I got the impression they are super-laborious from the way Phil wasn’t quite up for making them again, but it turns out they’re not. (It’s been hot. –Ed.) I’ve never had hash browns that didn’t come from a bag or a waitress, so I’m loving that a few potatoes and some bacon fat (you heard me) can produce so much deliciousness. We use an eight-inch omelet pan that is not non-stick. Let the bacon grease keep this from sticking.

Homemade Hash Browns

For an eight-inch omelet pan, shred three small potatoes, skin and all, with a cheese grater. Pour or (when it’s not 104 degrees outside) scoop a generous amount of bacon grease, saved from Saturday morning bacon, into the pan and let it heat up over medium heat. The hot grease is important, so give it a good three minutes, then spread the shredded potatoes in the pan, pushing down slightly. Salt and pepper if you like. Now wait, periodically lifting the bottom to check for golden brownness. Patience is the key; pour another cup of coffee, scan the headlines–you’ve got a few minutes. When you have golden brownness, use a metal spatula to loosen the whole thing and then flip it like a big pancake. Let the other side brown, and then cut it into two or four wedges. (If you prefer having smaller patties to flip, you can divide them with the spatula when you first put them in the pan.)

I probably shouldn’t wonder why obesity is on the rise in America.


3 thoughts on “Fast Recipe: Homemade Hash Browns

  1. I made hash browns a couple of months ago for the first time and everyone loved them. (And, in my opinion, there is nothing better than leftover bacon grease!)

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