Chive Blossom Vinegar

The ducks have moved from the basement to the garage, and spend several hours every day in a makeshift pen, covered with a porch umbrella, where they can bask in the sun, swim in a baby pool, and eat garden lettuce from the kids’ hands. We just finished securing their coop with (we hope) raccoon-proof hardware wire on the bottom, and once we build their kennel around the coop, they’re heading outside permanently.

I promise. I’m getting to the chive blossom vinegar.

Having them between the garage and backyard means I’m taking a lot of trips around the side yard, where we have a little garlic patch and a bunch of chives. So I kept thinking, taking their water or food to or from the garage and noticing that the chives were flowering, that surely there was something I could do with the bursting chive flowers. Turns out, there is.

I found this simple recipe for chive blossom vinegar — so simple I probably shouldn’t call it a recipe: fill a mason jar with clean chive blossoms (I washed these in a salad spinner), and then pour in about as much vinegar as you have chive blossoms. Then put the lid on and forget about it for a bit. If you think of it, give the jar a shake periodically as you walk by. I made this Sunday, and the color’s already really pretty; I think it’ll probably be a little more pronounced in a week or two when I strain out the blossoms and am just left with this flavorful pink vinegar.

Last year I made tarragon vinegar with our Little Shop of Horrors tarragon plant, and it’s great on salads or vegetables, either alone or mixed with olive oil.


4 thoughts on “Chive Blossom Vinegar

  1. Hi, Allison: I made some tarragon vinegar last summer. Years ago I made raspberry vinegar and blueberry vinegar, which are great for salad dressings and in a sauce for chicken, but that was pre-kids. Berries never stay in our house long enough these days for me to make anything out of them!

    • Great idea to use berries. I always have several kinds of vinegar on hand and I would love to try this after I move next month. I’m thinking that flavored vinegar along with a recipe for dressing might make a good Christmas gift for teachers, neighbors, etc.

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