Super-Easy Kettle Corn

When I posted the short article about non-microwave popcorn the other day, some Facebook friends shared their own special hints for making fantastic popcorn without resorting to those microwaveable bags. These included:

  • Salt the oil you pop the corn in; it better coats the corn.
  • Pop corn in the microwave just using a brown paper bag. (I love doing this with cobs of popcorn that are sold at my farmer’s market; it’s so cool to put a corncob in a bag in the microwave, and have it turn into popped corn!)
  • Pop the corn in coconut oil for a more tropical taste.

The one the kids completely latched onto and are now pleading for every night: Kettle corn. (Thanks, Marcy!) The boys are going to a roller-derby bout tonight, or there would be begging for Kettle corn. Lots of begging.

Making it is simple. When the corn starts popping, just throw 2 Tablespoons of sugar into the pan. And man, is it delicious. Seriously delicious.

It’s the weekend. Live it up! I hope yours is great!


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