Something from Nothing: Super-Quick T-Shirt Shrug

Recently a co-worker pinned this cool and super-quick t-shirt reconstruction project on Pinterest, and I noted it. A few days later I passed her in the hall wearing one, and it was so cute I nearly tackled her to find out exactly how she did it.

Last night I started doing our taxes, a task I loathe. Loathe. And while the ancient computer I’ve always done the taxes on was grinding through downloading TurboTax, I went through the pile of yet-to-be-transformed t-shirts from Sylvie’s and my t-shirt reconstruction day. I didn’t find an appropriate plain t-shirt, so I tried this on an old work t-shirt advertising a book on knits inspired by roller derby. (I kid you not.) Fifteen minutes later, I had this one-of-a-kind shirt. Initially I had a little wilder ribbon on it, but Phil looked, well, bemused, so I replaced it with some of the t-shirt yarn I’d made earlier and roused Phil from his book at 11:00 p.m.: “Take a picture of my shirt!”

I love it.


5 thoughts on “Something from Nothing: Super-Quick T-Shirt Shrug

  1. Hooray! It looks great! I bought some $2/yd hello kitty fabric at Walmart today to try that skirt pattern you sent me. (Eve is a hello kitty fanatic.) I figure if I totally wreck it, no big loss!

    • Cute! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Sylvie had me buy fabric she picked out for that skirt, but then when the warm weather hit, she got out of her jumper/skirt phase and into ties and fedoras. So maybe I’ll make it next fall. Thanks again for the upcycled shirt idea; I promise not to wear mine to work.

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