Five Recipes I’m Loving This Week

Bona Fide Farm Food’s Whole Wheat English Muffins: Reading through the recipe, these muffins seem like a lot of trouble for something you can get so easily and cheaply. Don’t think it. These are so much better than anything you would buy in the store: softer and fresher, but with all the nooks and crannies you expect from an English muffin. And the process of making them is fun: Separating the dough, rolling and flattening little dough balls, watching them puff up in a cast-iron skillet before baking. (My 10 p.m. snack snapshot doesn’t do these justice; go see the photo at the link.)

Pioneer Woman’s Campfire Beans: I love the idea of beans: They’re cheap, portable, simple. But it’s hard to find a good bean recipe. This one is about the best I’ve made. Super-simple (you only do anything with the beans about once every two hours), really delicious, and cooked perfectly. You gotta love that Pioneer Woman.

Jenny’s in the Kitchen’s Citrus Pulled-Pork Tacos:These are now part of the regular rotation. Super simple (about 10 minutes of easy, easy prep to get this in the slow cooker), economical, and cooked perfectly. Last night Max asked what we were having for dinner, and when I told him “those pork tacos” he said, “Thank you!” The meat is great if you cook it faster on high or slower on low, but a bit less dry cooked on high for a shorter period.

Sweet Paul’s Go-To Feta Dip: This has become a standard dip around here; I trot it out when there’s even the hint of someone coming over. I noticed we have some feta that I should probably use up in the next few weeks, so, Noah and Holly, there’ll be some citrusy, delicious feta dip for The Walking Dead this week.

Taste and Tell’s Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes: I’m feeling bake-y, and these are the best cupcakes, so they’ll be showing up sometime in the coming weekend. Tommy has an egg sensitivity that results in immediate projectile vomiting, so, for the furniture’s sake, we avoid eggs. These first made an appearance laid out in the shape of a light saber at Tommy’s birthday party, and are the first eggless cupcakes I’ve tried that don’t taste sort of like a sponge. They’re truly delicious; that they’re vegan is just a side benefit.


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