Two Phrases You Won’t Read Here

Here’s how I write posts: Early morning, before I get in the shower. Typically I don’t have time to reread what I’ve written, and there’s usually at least one kid asking me for breakfast or telling me he has a science fair project due tomorrow that he’d forgotten to tell me about. So at night, if I get a chance to re-read what I wrote, I’m often appalled at the clichés and typos and dangling modifiers. Things like spelling my husband’s name phonetically (“fill”). And I often try to hastily edit those embarrassing errors after the kids’ baths and homework, but often don’t get the chance. My hat is off to bloggers who actually edit their stuff before hitting Publish.

I’ve been reading a lot of mom/natural/simple living blogs in the last year, though, and I see writing devices over and over in these blogs that I solemnly swear you will not find here:

  • “Oh-so-,” as in “oh-so-loved,” “oh-so-lovely,” “oh-so-carefully.” It just feels too fawning to me. I promise not to use it.
  • “Ahem.” As in, “I’m telling on myself cheekily.” Things like “This would have been much easier if someone hadn’t forgotten to defrost the venison steaks. Ahem.” I’m sure it was funny the first time someone used it.

It’s open season on all other clichés, though. And I’m going to try to bribe my editor husband (fill Kitchull) to take a quick read through posts before I publish to cut down on the later-reading mortification factor.


2 thoughts on “Two Phrases You Won’t Read Here

  1. You are oh-so (oh-so-so) in the honeymoon faze of this wonderful blog, dear Cindy! Mark and I were admiring both the content and style of your blog posts. We’re undergoing our own spending awareness campaign–for less admirable reasons–and we’re going to take on the sourdough project. Emily will absolutely love that. Plus, we’re borrowing a bread maker for the more shapely loaves we need for toaster-size slices.

  2. That’s exciting, Carla. I don’t know that my motives for a spending awareness/simple living campaign are all that admirable. Mostly I just don’t want my quiet time disturbed with the bleeps and blips from video games.

    Let me know how the bread turns out. We need to dust off our bread maker, too!

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